CloudStorm Fusion


Ixia Applications Support
IxOS Yes Yes
IxExplorer Yes Yes
IxLoad Yes Yes
BreakingPoint Yes No
Hardware, Load Module Specifications
Physical Interfaces 2-port, 100GE QSFP28
Transceiver Support QSFP28 SR4 and LR4 (pluggable transceivers)
Memory 128GB 128GB
Hardware Encryption Offload Yes Yes
Hardware-Based Traffic Capture (for BreakingPoint) 2GB per 100GE interface N/A
Capture Memory (for IxLoad) Maximum between 2GB or 2 Million packets, per interface Maximum between 2GB or 2 Million packets, per interface
FPGA Offload Yes Yes
IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP Hardware checksum generation
Load Module Dimensions 16.4" (L) x 12.0" (W) x 1.3" (H) 417mm (L) x 305mm (W) x 33mm (H)
Operating Temperature 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C), ambient air
Chassis Capacity
Cards per Chassis
  • 12 on XGS12-HSL
  • 2 on XGS2-HSL
Port Density
  • XGS12-HSL: 24-ports, 100GE QSFP28
  • XGS2-HSL: 4-ports, 100GE QSFP28
XGS12 Chassis Bundles
  • XGS12-HSL (940-0016)
  • XGS2-HSL (940-0014)
  • XGS12-HSL (940-0016)
  • XGS2-HSL (940-0014)

CloudStorm, BreakingPoint Performance
Performance numbers are provided in back-to-back scenario using a single CloudStorm load module (a pair of ports)

Performance Metric

CloudStorm Fusion

XGS12 chassis
w/ 12 blades

Application Throughput 200 Gbps 2.4 Tbps
HTTP Connection Rate (CPS) 3.5 Million 42 Million
HTTP Concurrent Connections (CC) 120 Million 1.44 Billion
SSL Throughput 65 Gbps 780 Gbps
SSL Connection Rate (CPS) 320 K 3.8 Million
SSL Concurrent Connections (CC) 2 Million 24 Million
IPsec Throughput 65 Gbps 780 Gbps
Application Throughput over GTP 170 Gbps 2 Tbps

CloudStorm, BreakingPoint Test Components

BreakingPoint CloudStorm Fusion (CS100GE2Q28NG)
Test Components
  • Bit Blaster
  • Routing Robot
  • Application Simulator
  • Session Sender
  • Security NP
  • Live AppSim
  • Stack Scrambler
  • Hardware-based Packet Capture, 2GB per port
  • RFC 2544 Lab
  • DDoS Lab
  • Multicast Lab
  • Lawful Intercept Lab
  • Session Sender Lab
  • LTE Lab
  • Device Validation Lab
  • MultiBox testing
  • Resiliency Score (Not supported on PerfectStorm 100GE)
  • Data Center Resiliency
  • LTE Lab
  • DDoS Lab

CloudStorm, IxLoad Performance

Performance numbers are provided in back-to-back scenario using a single CloudStorm load module (a pair of ports)

Performance Metric CloudStorm Fusion
XGS12 chassis
w/ 12 blades
HTTP Throughput 200 Gbps 2.4 Tbps
HTTP Connection Rate (CPS) 4.5 Million 54 Million
HTTP Concurrent Connections (CC) 60 Million 720 Million
SSL Throughput 80 Gbps 960 Gbps
SSL Connection Rate (CPS) 500 K 6 Million
DNS Queries per Second (QPS) 8 Million 96 Million


Massive concerns around security are driving an increased use of encryption. An all-encrypted world is not far away. At the same time, the scale of traffic continues to grow at an exponential rate and the industry is moving to new cloud-based architectures. Users of services and applications, however, continue to expect their experience to be at or above the current level.

To keep pace, network equipment manufacturers race to build higher-scale, more capable network security and application delivery solutions.  In turn, the world’s largest cloud data center operators struggle to find the right balance between performance and security in today’s hyper-scale, dynamic world. The uncertainty that comes with this change is best mitigated through cloud-scale validation. 

"NSS Labs research revealed that over 50% of Internet traffic is encrypted today, growing to over 75% within two years. Enterprises must assess whether they are currently capable of handling encrypted traffic to ensure they have visibility and can inspect and appropriately detect malicious material. You cannot protect against that which you cannot see." - Mike Spanbauer, Vice President of Security Test & Advisory at NSS Labs


Ixia's CloudStorm™ is an industry-first 2.4 terabit application and security test solution that not only meets today’s need, but that of the future. CloudStorm delivers 3X-application and 4X-SSL-emulation scale over any other test system. It helps NEMs shortening their development cycles, and enterprises and data center operators find the right balance between mitigating security risks and delivering high end-user application performance.

Each CloudStorm load module supports two native QSFP28 100GE interfaces with an innovative architecture that allows concurrent emulation of complex applications, unprecedented SSL encrypted applications, and a large volume of DDoS traffic to validate your network infrastructure is high performing and secure. CloudStorm is the industry first solution to break the SSL and DDoS test barriers, achieving over 960Gbps of traffic with strong encryption and ciphers or 2.4 terabit DDoS throughput in a single chassis. CloudStorm is driven by Ixia's BreakingPoint and IxLoad applications—industry-leading test solutions for application delivery and security resiliency testing.


  • With Real-World Traffic™ at massive-scale, CloudStorm is the first multi-terabit solution—2.5 – 3X application performance
  • Hardware-based SSL acceleration delivers 4X encryption performance
  • Emulate multi-terabit DDoS and botnet attacks to future-proof security solutions
  • Unified application and security test platform, with Layers 2-7 capabilities and support for BreakingPoint and IxLoad software
  • Multi-rate ready: future-proof your investment with CloudStorm; capable of supporting 100/50/40/25/10GE on a single port
  • Multi-user environment leverages the per-port user ownership model for all ports on the test modules installed into the chassis