With data center cloud services, 4K video, and 5G mobile network services coming fast, many network operators are moving from 28Gb/s (NRZ) signaling to faster 56Gb/s (PAM4) electrical interfaces, implementing 50GE, 100GE, and 200GE speeds as stepping stones to 400GE.

Ixia’s K400 QSFP-DD load module is the only that can validate all these technologies, using 400GE-port fan-out cables to give users a future-proof platform for testing 400GE, 200GE, 100GE, or 50GE multi-speed or single-speed devices.

Ixia K400 Load Modules

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Network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and their customers are looking to 400GE networking to addresses bandwidth requirements for key areas such as cloud-scale data centers, Internet exchanges, co-location services, wireless infrastructure, service provider networks, and video distribution infrastructure. Ixia’s 400GE test solutions are integral to ensuring implementations meet performance, quality, and conformance requirements.

Ixia’s K400 test solutions shorten development and test times—accelerating critical time to market for new devices, networks, and services. K400 validates IEEE 802.3bs- and IEEE 802.3cd-compliant 400/200/100/50GE networking systems, helping critical-path development teams create innovative networking technologies of the future.



Ixia-developed 400GE MAC, PCS, and FEC engines to enable the creation of unique features, to keep pace with the development of new standards, and to provide customers with quick response time,  allowing true interoperability with other IEEE 802.3bs vendor IP.

Users can create, test, and verify the interoperability of 56Gb/s PAM4-based technologies while maximizing their 400/200/100/50GE test investment. 

Ixia's full- and reduced-feature products meet different budget sizes and test requirementswhether L1 testing and line-rate packet blasting or high-performance L2-3 product performance and protocol emulation.

Key Features
  • Line-rate 400GE packet generation, capture, and analysis of received traffic with per-port and per-flow statistics
  • Offers a 1-port QSFP-DD or a 1-port CF8P load module for use with the XGS-SDL 12-slot and 2-slot chassis
  • Multi-rate Ethernet with each port supporting line-rate 1x400GE and an optional fan-out for 1x200GE, 2x100GE, and 4x50GE speeds
  • First-to-market support for 2x100GE NRZ testing from a QSFP-DD PAM4 port using AEC conversion technology
  • Ixia’s IxNetwork can validate high-scale Layer 2/3 multi-protocol devices for performance and scalability over 400/200/100/50GE speeds
  • Comprehensive L1 BERT, RS-544 FEC statistics, FEC symbol error density distribution, and PCS/FEC symbol error injection test
  • Simplify Layer 1 BERT and PCS lanes Tx/Rx standards’ Pass/Fail validation with IxSuiteStore 400GE Transceiver and PCS Testing suite
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