Key Features
  • Seamless integration with Ixia’s IxNetwork and IxExplorer
  • Large-scale testing with synchronized timing
  • Scalable time distribution platform
  • Support for industry-standard timing inputs
  • Robust connection guidelines allowing for wide spread placement of chassis
  • Flexible topologies that allow massive scale testing

Problem: Time-sensitve networked applications are difficult to validate

Time-synchronized testing is critical for many emerging network technologies such as data center network, audio/video bridging (AVB), time-sensitive networking (TSN), industrial automation, and Internet of things (IoT). All of these network applications require a very accurate awareness of time, which is best achieved by using an industry-standard time reference such as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

solution: precision time-synchronized testing

Ixia’s Metronome is a precision test instrument that seamlessly integrates with Ixia test solutions to enable large-scale, time-synchronized testing of complex networks.

Metronome enables devices under test (DUT) and an IxNetwork test system to use the same time reference. The Metronome enables massive-scale time-synchronized testing using up to 8 directly-connected Ixia chassis. The Metronome and the Metronome Timing System Extender together provide connection and distance flexibility between Metronome and the attached chassis.