Extra Performance

Reduced Performance

Load Modules

  • LSM10GXM8S-01
  • LSM10GXM4S-011
  • LSM10GXM2S-011
  • LSM10GXM8GBT-02
  • LSM10GXMR8S-01
  • LSM10GXMR4S-01
  • LSM10GXMR2S-01

Number of ports per module

8 / 4 / 2

8 / 4 / 2

Number of chassis slots per module



Maximum ports per chassis

XGS12-SD and XGS12-HS rackmount chassis

96 / 48 / 24

96 / 48 / 24

XGS2-SD and XGS2-HS 3U chassis

16 / 8 / 4

16 / 8 / 4

XM2 Desktop

16 / 12 / 8 / 4

16 / 8 / 4

Supported transceivers

(optical and copper)



Per-port CPU speed and memory

1 GHz, 1 GB

400 MHz / 128 MB

Per-port capture buffer

512 MB

64 MB

Interface protocols



Layer 2/3 routing protocol emulation



Layer 4-7 application traffic testing



Number of transmit flows per port (sequential values)



Number of transmit flows per port (arbitrary values)

1 million

32 K

Number of stream definitions per port



In packet stream (sequential) or advanced stream (interleaved) mode, each stream definition can generate millions of unique traffic flows.

Number of trackable receive flows

1 million

64 K

Table UDF

1 million entries

32 K

Comprehensive packet editing function for emulating large numbers of sophisticated flows. Entries of up to 256 bytes, using lists of values can be specified and placed at designated offsets within a stream. Each list consists of an offset, a size and a list of values in a table format.

Packet flow statistics

Track 1 million flows

Track 64 K flows

Transmit engine

Wire-speed packet generation with timestamps, sequence numbers, data integrity signature, and packet group signatures

Receive engine

Wire-speed packet filtering, capturing, real-time latency and inter-arrival time for each packet group, data integrity, and sequence checking

User defined field features

Fixed, increment or decrement by user-defined step, value lists, range lists, cascade, random, and chained


48-bit source/destination address, 2x128-bit user-definable pattern and offset, frame length range, CRC error, data integrity error, sequence checking error (small, big, reverse)

Data field per stream

Fixed, increment (byte/word), decrement (byte/word), random, repeating, user-specified

Statistics and rates (counter size: 64 bits)

Link state, line speed, frames sent, valid frames received, bytes sent/received, fragments, undersize, oversize, CRC errors, VLAN tagged frames, 6 user-defined stats, capture trigger (UDS 3), capture filter (UDS 4), user-defined stat 5, user-defined stat 6, 8 QoS counters, data integrity frames, data integrity errors, sequence checking frames, sequence checking errors, ARP, and ping requests and replies

Error generation

CRC (good/bad/none), undersize, oversize

Latency measurements

10 ns resolution in packet timestamp

Latency self-calibration

Ability to remove inherent latency from 10GE port electronics when used with MSA-compliant 10GE transceivers

Transmit line clock adjustment

Ability to adjust the parts per million (ppm) line frequency over a range of:

LAN mode: -105 to +105 ppm

WAN mode: -30 to +30 ppm

IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP

Hardware checksum generation and verification

Frame length controls

Fixed, random, weighted random, or increment by user-defined step, random, weighted random

Operating temp. range

41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C), ambient air

Ixia’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet LSM10GXM test load modules delivers an industry-leading, high-density, affordable layer 2 through 7, 10 Gigabit Ethernet IP test solution. The NGY family supports both low port count layer 2/3 applications with limited project budgets and highest density test lab, QA, and system test applications. NGY is perfect for both converged data center infrastructure testing and 10GE switch test beds. NGY load modules leverage Ixia’s converged data center test applications to offer the high port scalability, virtual scalability, protocol coverage, with an affordable test solution for data communications testing.

NGY offers a greener testing alternative when used with Ixia rackmount chassis – it requires one-quarter of the laboratory space, consumes one-half the power, and generates lower heat compared to other test solutions. NGY comes in 2-port, 4-port and 8-port configurations, full and reduced performance models to match your requirements and budget. No other vendor’s 10GE data communications test solution offers a wider range of price options, interfaces, and capabilities.


  • 96 ports per Ixia 12-slot rackmount chassis
  • High-scale and performance L23 protocol emulation
  • Tracks and analyzes up to 1 million flows per port
  • Comprehensive layer 2-7 testing
  • Sophisticated multi-protocol encapsulation and label stacking
  • IxNetwork, IxLoad and IxExplorer application and automation support