The Next Standard in High-Density 10GE Testing

The advancement of high-density, high-performance network switches, routers, aggregation devices, network appliances, and servers has accelerated since the standardization of 10GE. Ixia has consistently kept pace with the testing demands of network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), service providers, enterprises, and governments by continually-increasing port density and protocol scalability.

Xcellon™ is Ixia’s high density architecture to test next-generation networks and devices. Wired and wireless networks are converging over IP, and service providers must ensure quality delivery of the bandwidth-hungry, media-rich services that their customers demand. Cloud computing and data center convergence are changing the dynamics of business IT, while security threats are becoming more sophisticated by the day. All of these developments point to the need for more capable and scalable test solutions.

The Xcellon architecture features aggregation of multi-core CPUs and massive memory to meet testing needs for ultra-high scale and performance. This architecture delivers up to several times the protocol emulation of its nearest competitor and breaks the Terabit barrier for 10GE test solutions.

The Xcellon-Flex 10GE product line consists of two models: the Accelerated Performance load module and the Full Emulation load module. Both use multi-core CPUs and substantial amounts of high-speed memory, providing flexible processing power to meet the challenges of testing today’s and tomorrow’s ultra-high-scale network equipment. New levels of protocol emulation scale are achieved through a technology called aggregation. Flexible aggregation combines the CPU power and memory of multiple ports. These resources can be aggregated behind one or more ports dynamically, on a single load module, as test requirements change.

The Accelerated Performance load module is ideal for layer 2-7 performance testing, providing ultra-high-scale session and protocol emulation per port. The Full Emulation load module is well suited for layer 2-3 mid-range protocol emulation and scale capacity testing for switches and routers. Both models set new standards in the industry, eclipsing the performance of their nearest competitors.