Making Dollar$ and Sense Out of Enterprise Security Testing


Making Dollar$ and Sense Out of Enterprise Security Testing

If your job involves addressing and responding to the security challenges your organization faces, this paper can help you. We’ll explore traditional approaches to assessing security investments, look at the financial benefits of testing, and debunk the excuses that keep IT organizations from validating their security infrastructure and deployment processes.

And last but not least, we’ll introduce new solutions and best practices for staying a step ahead of the evolving threat landscape. Ignoring security resilience testing is a “head-in- the-sand” approach that can cost organizations millions, and individuals their jobs.

We’ll look at solutions and technologies that can cost-effectively model and apply the realism found in your company’s one-of-a-kind network, right down to your applications and even a single user’s behavior, including both legitimate enterprise users and malicious attackers. Using this approach and economical new techniques, IT managers can quickly evaluate how specific technologies such as NGFWs, or a layered security architecture, will perform and safeguard application performance in their own unique environments.

This paper covers:

  • Opportunities for cost-reduction
  • Selecting optimized and cost-effective security for your network
  • Right-sizing investments to meet your company’s business AND security needs
  • Ensuring your network has the high level of security resilience needed to defend against attacks
  • Readying company personnel for inevitable attacks